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Polished and Refined

Music Experience

Level10 works in partnership with Soundmatters and BDNC, the industry leader in the design and measurement of electroacoustics, to integrate electroacoustic technology and material engineering. Featuring Linear Magnetic Drive Twoofer & High-Power, Flat Glass Speaker Driver and ingeniously refined acoustic compass design, you’re guaranteed music in Hi-Res, pure, crisp and authentic.

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Highest response speed with 0.2mm glass diaphragm and highest in industry excursion-to-thickness Index. It’s a smaller and thinner speaker that can reach 60Hz bass, providing you with a more realistic and true bass sound delivery.

High-Power, Flat Glass Speaker Driver

Carbon fiber injection technology is used to produce quality speakers with 0.2mm carbon fiber diaphragms that are ultra-thin yet sturdy. This contributes to enhanced sound quality.

Linear Magnetic Drive "Twoofer"

Relaxing Music & Attractive Lighting 

There’s No Place Like Home

UPstage180 combines alluring music, soft lighting and ambiance to grant you the perfect experience – The gentle, soothing mood you’ve always longed for.

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Premium Music Delivery

That Fills the Whole Venue

The UPstage180 yields a 70-watt power peak and is able to deliver a mind-blowing musical performance. Equipped with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) and Bluetooth Wireless Concert Technology (WCT), you implement multiple UPstage180 speakers to create your ideal personal indoor spatial sound experience.

Setting Combinations With

Clear-Cut Purpose

UPstage180 is a quiet device that features soft lighting and 3 different operating modes - eternal, breathing, and flicker, giving your environment a more alluring appeal and setting your ideal mood.

Music is an invisible component that is key to setting a pleasing ambience. Aside from flawless music delivery, UPstage180 also features multiple mood settings that are selectable through its designated APP. It relies on soundwave frequency adjustments to generate resonance between music and the body, allowing you to experience bird chirps of the wild forest, vibes of the deep sea or even the cosy mood of a raining day. The UPstage180 creates conditions that facilitate deep sleep, relaxation and even meditation.

Simple yet Elegant, Perfect for Modern Households

The well-crafted UPstage180 adopts a simple aesthetic design, blending perfectly with modern household styling. Supporting dual installation methods (wall-hang & surface installation), the UPstage180 matches seamlessly with different household decorations and needs.

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